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Isle of Wight Enterprise Holiday Access Promotion Free Draw

Our Aim For This Scheme

Our aim is to support accessibility for people travelling to the Isle of Wight, to allow disadvantaged people the ability to attend events/days out on the Isle of Wight.

For us, this means simplifying the process of selecting Isle of Wight accommodation, attractions and activities for potential visitor groups with a disabled member, which will:

  1. give confidence to families and groups that their needs will be catered for
  2. make the Isle of Wight a preferred destination
  3. attract a larger proportion of the unspent £7million ‘purple pound’

Our free offer is open to Island-owned hotels and B&B, etc to help them boost their marketing to these customers in time for the 2022 holiday season, thanks to support from Enterprise Holdings.

Vital Background Information

What is this ‘purple pound’? It is the money that families and groups with a disabled member actively want to spend but do not because of accessibility problems with product or services providers. Nationally, this is estimated as £2.74 billion, which means £7.7268 million for the Isle of Wight. We are in competition with every other holiday destination around the UK, so the Island economy needs an initiative tuned to attract the ‘purple pound’.

Isle Access encourages you to identify your best features that cater for relevant types of disability. And then plan to improve what you can and promote your unique situation where these people look.

Improvements can suit almost any budget.
Many business owners and managers are concerned about the costs of modifications to cater for disabled customers. However, many improvements can cost very little – see our ‘Top 5 Low-Cost Customer Service Improvements‘ InfoSheet.

Larger-scale modifications can be worthwhile too.
For instance, one hotel’s upgrade of bathroom facilities broke even in less than a year – see our ‘Building Better Business’ InfoSheet.

The Isle Access Free Offer 2021-22 – Closing Date 31st October!

For qualifying local businesses, Isle Access will work with owners and managers:

  1. Provide Introduction Information to help you decide to commit to this project
  2. Specify preparatory homework that you can start before the meeting
  3. Visit to undertake an Accessibility Audit of the premises, staffing and communications
  4. Write an Accessibility Audit Report to help you plan improvements within your budget
  5. Assist with writing an Accessibility Guide to attract suitable disabled customers profitably

In return, we ask that you share with us a few figures about your costs and disruption, and your return on investment, so we can encourage other Island businesses to start a project to take advantage of their own situation.

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