Isle Access

Dave Simon BSc MSc MPhil

I was invited to become a Trustee following some years’ occasional network meetings with Jan. In replying, I said that I had a Down Syndrome nephew and understood some of what my brother and his wife have been through. I founded a Charity many years ago and was CEO for 6 years so I know how hard that combination can be, especially when grant-finding is so difficult. 

Reviewing the website and Constitution in detail for the first time, I was interested to help with the ‘businessy’ side of things and accepted Jan’s invitation. I expected to work on marketing the charity to increase it’s income, while at the same time helping local businesses to earn more from tourists with disabilities and their families. There is a lot of earning potential in this for the Island.

My role has expanded and I get some satisfaction from assisting Jan in organising the sustainability and development of the charity. Although there are a large bunch of volunteers – 20 or so – there is still a lot of paperwork to do. Add in the strategic thinking and liaison meetings, and there’s quite enough to do!

Through my career I have worked as an employee, an employer, a supervisor, trainer, consultant and company director and in several trustee positions. These days I support professional firms (solicitors, accountants and consultants) in improving their results by tuning their marketing to help the most suitable clients work with them.

I’m now 69 and semi-retired, with a brood of 6 girls and 6 grandchildren. I’m a life-long DIY-er and I live on a farm so there is always a list of little projects to keep me fit!

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