Isle Access

Qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1990, I became interested in working with neurological conditions and with children. In 1995 I trained in Paediatrics as it feels quite natural to me. Physio can make a huge difference for children with disabilities.

One of my colleagues visited an adapted cycling session run by Isle Access and brought photos into work. I immediately saw how happy the children looked. I went along too and felt strongly I wanted help as a volunteer.

I enjoy matching the right cycle with the child. Good equipment is adaptable for individuals – this is the key. It improves their coordination, eye contact, communication, interaction and self-esteem.

This can totally change their whole life – they have fun at the cycling sessions and their family and carers can relax knowing they are safe to explore this new freedom of movement. Some families buy cycles and gocarts to use at home and that brings a permanent improvement to their quality of life.

Having disabilities of my own, I am so pleased to support Jan’s work as a Trustee.

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