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Where to find new holiday bookings for 2022

For any Isle of Wight hotel or B&B, restaurant or cafe, attraction or amenity wanting more bookings this year, this eye-opening article in the Guardian tells you where they can come from

  • “For every person with a disability who doesn’t travel because of the logistical challenges, you have a family, you have carers, you have friends who did not travel either.”
  • Australian surveys showed 23% of non-travelling disabled people found travel “so stressful it’s not worth it” and 22% found it “just too hard”.
  •  There is a lack of useful and accurate information in the public domain that allows disabled people to plan travel.”
We estimate there is over £7million of untapped holiday spend that  Isle of Wight businesses could benefit from.

Give travellers very detailed information about your property so they can decide for themselves whether it suits their needs.


This free instant-access quick information sheet will show how you can start.

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