Isle Access

About Us

Isle Access is an Isle of Wight based charity that is helping to improve life for disabled people on the Island.

Our vision is that residents and visitors alike can enjoy as much of the Isle of Wight as possible. Our mission is to make the Island more accessible and inclusive for people of all ages. Our aim is to support disabled people by removing barriers to access, enabling disabled people to enjoy a better quality of life and achieve new skills and experiences. We do this by:

Informing, assisting and promoting businesses, organisations, individuals and local government initiatives to welcome everyone to our beautiful Island.

Providing some accessible services, such as adapted cycling.

We work with people of all ages and all abilities, including: Disabled people, Veterans, People who experience loneliness, People who need more supportive exercise.

Background Briefing Notes


  • Respectful – To respect yourself and others at all times and treat everyone with dignity and fairness.
  • Equality and Diversity– To treat everyone equally and fairly with no discrimination or bias.
  • Inspiration – To act as a positive role model for others and promote accessibility and inclusion for all.
  • Integrity – To act at all times with integrity, honesty, transparency and sincerity.
  • Supportive – Working together and valuing each other for the benefit of others.  
  • Professional – Aspiring to be the best in everything we do.
  • Efficient – Providing the best quality services within the resources available to us.
  • To work with other charities, organisations, businesses and local government to influence change
  • To inform people of what is available to them
  • Contributing to knowledge, insight and research
  • To help provide opportunities that are currently not available.
  • Training ourselves and others

Isle Access is a member of The Access Association, SportEd, The Institute of Healthcare Management, CycleWight and the IW Local Access Forum


  • Finding new places for people to stay, visit, eat and enjoy
  • Improving health and wellbeing for people
  • Improving and enhancing confidence
  • Reducing isolation of people
  • Building and retaining friendships
  • Having fun 
  • Effective and productive engagement with communities and partners
  • To work towards a more equal society in which everyone can contribute.
  • To show that everyone is valued
  • Contributing to the improved health and well-being of the people we support, as well as people who work or volunteer for us.
  • Clear and effective application of insight, knowledge and research
  • Effective and productive engagement
  • A clear focus on the quality of what we deliver and reflect on our practises
  • Promoting our message effectively to reach more people and celebrate our successes
  • Influencing and advocating for the needs of people who have issues with access.
  • Managing our services and resources effectively
  • Valuing and supporting our volunteers
  • To work in collaboration with other charities and organisations
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