Isle Access

Become More Accessible

Isle Access is committed to encourage and promote greater accessibility & inclusion for people on the Isle of Wight.
In order to do that, we support Island businesses work to be more accessible for customers and employees.

Helping You To Attract More Disabled Customers Easily

Families and groups with a disabled member research their holiday or business trip carefully.

Actively working to adapt to their needs will help you unlock a new £7+million revenue stream.
(Start with the EASIEST improvements – see our ‘Top 5 Low-Cost Customer Service Improvements‘ InfoSheet.)

Isle Access is a local charity, helping Isle of Wight businesses access more of the £274bn spend of UK disabled people and their families.

Accessibility Audits

We help you discover become more accessible for disabled customers and employees.

Training Opportunities

We can help you to explore funding opportunities for accessibility resources.

Website Accessibility

Our team can help you make your website more accessible for disabled customers.


Do you have suitable signage to help those with accessibility issues?

Isle Access Directory

If your business is accessible, we can list it on our specialist directory.


Accessibility standards are constantly changing,
we can help you plan.

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